Any Strat Set for EMG Route


SoulTone Strat Set for EMG Routing – Do you have an existing guitar that has noiseless pickups or Active pickups like EMG’s and prefer the sound of vintage alnico tones? Well now you can choose any of our existing Strat sets and we can customize your set to fit into the much thinner profile that Guitars routed for EMG’s have. Standard single coils won’t fit into these guitars and now they can. This set comes on black vulcanized fiber bobbins cut thinner and we’ve moved the eyelets. Wound with 42 AWG wire, sand cast alnico 5 or 2 magnets your choice, reverse wound, reverse polarity for noise cancelling positions 2 & 4. Bridge 6.5K, Mid 6.3K, Neck 6.1K. All my pickups come wax potted.





This set comes with 3 slim single coil pickups to fit thinner EMG routing and includes the following:

  • Black Vulcanized Fiberboard Bobbin
  • RWRP
  • Vintage Cloth Leads
  • 42 AWG Wire
  • Alnico 5 Magnets
  • Vintage Staggered Magnets
  • 52mm pole spacing USA Spec

You choose what set out of my existing product lineup you want on these slimmer bobbins.

Any Strat Set for EMG Route