Any 1 single coil of your choice


Dead pickup in your existing guitar? Not interested in a complete matched set? You choose the single coil pickup and I’ll wind it for you. Leave a message in your order to let me know which pickup you need from our existing product lineup. *Note – If you need a humbucker please check the any humbucker of your choice product as this is for single coil pickups only. **Also Note – Because hum cancelling is dependant on wind direction and magnet polarity it is better to order a matched set. There is no guarantee when ordering 1 pickup that it will match the direction and polarity of your existing pickups. All my pickups come wax potted.

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Any 1 Pickup of your choice Tech Specs

  • Black Vulcanized Fiberboard Bobbin
  • Vintage Cloth Leads
  • 42 or 43 AWG Wire
  • Alnico V or Alnico II Magnets

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Any 1 single coil of your choice