’59 Texas Blues for Strat


SoulTone ’59 Texas Blues Strat Set – This set is hot in all positions and is a great choice for higher gain. chirpy, crystalline highs and tight bass response – Inspired by those famous Texas blues players who preferred some vintage sparkle of the 1950’s style neck and middle pickups coupled with the hot overwound bridge pickup with its huge bottom-end, clarity and mids. Set comes on black vulcanized fiber bobbins and wound with 42 AWG wire, sand cast alnico 5 magnets and reverse wound, reverse polarity for noise cancelling positions 2 & 4. Bridge 9.1K, Mid 6.1K, Neck 5.9K. All my pickups come wax potted.

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’59 Texas Blues Tech Specs

This set comes with 3 single coil pickups and includes the following:

  • Black Vulcanized Fiberboard Bobbin
  • Bridge Pickup 9.1k
  • Middle Pickup 6.1k
  • Neck Pickup 5.9k
  • RWRP
  • Vintage Cloth Leads
  • 42 AWG Wire
  • Alnico 5 Magnets
  • Vintage Staggered Magnets
  • 52mm pole spacing USA Spec

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’59 Texas Blues for Strat

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Wind Options

Reverse-Wound / Reverse Polarity, Straight-Wound / Even Polarity

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