’52 Soapbar P90 Set


SoulTone P90 Soapbar Set – 50mm spacing, Butyrate Plastic Bobbins, Alnico V bar magnets, cream or black covers wound with 42 AWG wire and Reverse wound, reverse polarity by default so you get noise cancelling in the middle position. Bridge Pickup 8.3k, Neck Pickup 8.1k. All my pickups come wax potted. I can do Alnico 2 by request, just leave a message at checkout.

Both Pickups come with brass baseplates. Baseplates made of steel, copper, brass or nickel create eddy current interference which shift the resonances toward the lows, resulting in a fatter, more pleasant tone, especially in the bridge position.

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This set comes with 2 P90 single coil pickups and includes the following:

  • Black Butyrate Plastic Bobbin
  • Bridge Pickup 8.3k
  • Neck Pickup 8.1k
  • RWRP
  • Vintage Cloth Leads
  • 42 AWG Wire
  • Alnico 5 Magnets
  • 50mm pole spacing USA Spec
  • Brass baseplate
’52 Soapbar P90 Set

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Cover Color

Black, Cream