Any 1 P90 of your choice


This is for 1 P90 only – Not a set as shown in the product photo

Dead pickup in your existing guitar? Not interested in a complete matched set? You choose the P90 (alnico 5 or alnico 2) and I’ll wind it for you. Leave a message in your order to let me know which magnet you want. All my pickups come wax potted.

SoulTone P90 Soapbar specs – 50mm spacing, vulcanized Fibre Bobbins, Alnico V or Alnico 2 bar magnets, cream or black covers wound with 42 AWG wire. Bridge Pickup 8k, Neck Pickup 7.6k.

Pickup comes with a brass baseplate. Baseplates made of steel, copper, brass or nickel create eddy current interference which shift the resonances toward the lows, resulting in a fatter, more pleasant tone, especially in the bridge position.



This set comes with only 1 P90 single coil pickup and includes the following:

Black Vulcanized Fiberboard Bobbin
Bridge Pickup 8.3k OR Neck Pickup 8.1k Your choice
Vintage Cloth Leads
42 AWG Wire
Alnico 5 Magnets
50mm pole spacing USA Spec

Any 1 P90 of your choice