Fifty-Fifty for Tele


SoulTone Fifty-Fifty Tele Set – This pickup configuration was originally designed for Nashville studio players who wanted to soften the treble attack on their high strings while retaining all of the articulate snap on the low strings by mixing Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 rod magnets. Alnico 2 rods under the G, B, and E strings & Alnico 5s under the low E, A, and D strings. This set comes on black vulcanized fiber bobbins and wound with 42 AWG wire, sand cast alnico 5 & 2 magnets, reverse wound, reverse polarity for noise cancelling middle position. Neck pickup comes with chrome or raw nickel cover (your choice), bridge pickup coil comes wrapped in either traditional vintage correct 8 ply white cotton string like Leo preferred in the earliest days or you can have it wrapped in black if you prefer an all-black look. Choose your coil wrap color below along with wind options. Bridge 7.5K, Neck 7.2K. Mounting screws with vintage surgical tubing are included. All my pickups come wax potted.

Bridge Pickup comes with copper plated steel baseplate. Baseplates made of steel, copper, brass or nickel create eddy current interference which shift the resonances toward the lows, resulting in a fatter, more pleasant tone, especially in the bridge position.

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Fifty-Fifty for Tele

Additional information

Coil Wrap Color

Black, White

Wind Options

Reverse-Wound / Reverse Polarity, Straight-Wound / Even Polarity

Cover Type

Chrome, Raw Nickel